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    Twenty five of our most able students took part in a Medical Physics workshop with Dr Abby Bell, a Physics specialist from The Institute of Physics. The students learned about the various professions available in the health field related to Physics.

    Harleigh (Yr9) and Ben (Yr7) got to have an ultrasound and the other students could hear their heartbeats through a speaker connected to the machine.

    Some comments from some of the students who attended the workshop:

    “We learnt about how X-rays work and that how X-rays let us see things of a certain density”

    “I found it enjoyable and very interesting, it made me want to take a job like that as I would love it. I like physics even more now”

    “I found it interesting and fascinating and I learnt all about total internal reflection”
    “I though the workshop was amazing!! I really enjoyed all aspects of the work and learned quite a bit. I was proud to be involved with it”

    “It was really interesting and gave you an idea if you might want a job in this area in the future”

    “I enjoyed the workshop and would definitely do it again as we got to do lots of things. I don’t want to be a medical physicist when I grow up but I might consider something related to it. We looked at X-rays of the human body and made light travel in zig-zags.

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