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    Why have 1 teacher when you can have 30?

    10q/En2 were tasked with taking one of the 15 poems from their AQA Literature anthologies in pairs or threes and producing a twenty minute lesson based on their given poem – complete with objectives, starters and plenaries of course! The level of research conducted, alongside the high quality production of resources, handouts and annotations, have enabled them to take real ownership of their learning. All it has taken is an occasional ‘chip in’ from myself to address any minor misconceptions or to ensure that key elements of the poem are discussed, analysed and recorded. By tasking them with doing the basic research to understand the poems in the anthology, we are now ahead of the game, with more time available to spend honing key exam skills and techniques. Additionally, some of the students have commented on how ‘difficult’ it is to stand and deliver – no more back-chat from those in future then…!
    For a control freak like myself, a bit of a gamble admittedly. On this occasion however, one which has definitely paid off. What’s more, come revision time, we already have two or three ready-made ‘experts’ at each poem, ready to be the first port of call for their peers who require a slight refreshment of knowledge. Success!

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