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    Lily is now in Year 10

     This, my teachers’ informed me, was my most important year yet.  And though that was undoubtedly true, it was also my best.

    Whilst some new challenges presented themselves (starting some early GCSE work) they could not outweigh the fact that the year was exciting, and my lessons more enjoyable than ever.  Once you’ve reached year 9, the basics have been covered in most lessons, meaning our topics were more in-depth and interesting.  Though there were times when I needed a minute to understand information, my teachers, knowing me better than ever, were more than willing to use new concepts to explain.  The rest of the time, the lessons were engaging and informative, as we delved into new subjects such as the formation of DNA (Hint: amino acids) and the First World War. 

    One obvious feature of year 9 ‘Options Process’.  At the start of the year, they posed as a mystery to me, but through a series of assemblies, conversations and meeting my choices were firmly made.  There were three things that made the process relatively pain free: the constant eagerness to answer any and all questions, the many varied opinions that were free to me in school and the time given to me to make a decision.  Sentence removed.

    In my year 9, I took part in both the school STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths) club and the Scholars Program for Humanities.  These provided me with the opportunity to discover more about university life, with sessions from a PhD tutor.  I also played the flute in several concerts through the year, especially enjoying the Celebration Evening where I collected the Elizabeth Groome Music Charity Award for lower school contribution to the music department.  I was very proud to be awarded this, and to have the opportunity to perform.

    The race run was not without hurdles, but having passed the finish line I can look back and safely say year 9 was my most enjoyable year yet.  Looking to the future, I feel prepared.  As for the social aspect, knowing there is not one, but two year groups below you is a special feeling.  Having long mastered the geography of the school (no pun intended) as a year 9 student you feel like an old hand compared to the year 8’s and year 7’s.  Most of the classrooms you’ll have been in, most of the teacher’s you’ll have met.  Just starting year 10, I am feeling all those excited nerves again.  But I am confident that I made all the right decisions last year, and this can only help me in the years to come.

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