The Ferrers School Aspire, Achieve, Acclaim

    Head Boy

     Alex Coupe

    This final year in sixth form I am still taking Maths, Physics and Art. I aspire to go to University to study Architecture and I am currently in the process of completing my UCAS application which the school is helping me with. Alongside this, I am close to achieving my silver DofE award from expeditions and weekly activities I did throughout last year. After acclaiming my GCSEs I knew sixth form would be a challenge but, with the help of friendly staff and students at all three schools within TENC alike, it’s been easier than I thought.
    These last two years at the Ferrers in the sixth form have really helped shape me into a young adult ready to enter the world with experiences such as talking at open evenings to large crowds, presenting an award at The Ferrers award night or organising the fundraising of over £240 at our Macmillan coffee and cake morning. This has obviously helped a lot with overall confidence either in public speeking or general social interactions at events. From this I’ve realised The Ferrers is full of opportunities and from the ones I’ve taken I feel I will be leaving this school with a skill set capable of excelling me further in life.

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