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    Where are they now?

    Are you a former student of The Ferrers School?  

    What do you remember most about your time at the school and what you have been up to since you left?   Perhaps you went straight to work … or an apprenticeship … or did you head off to university … or something different …? 

    Let us know when you left – even send us a picture – and we will share your news here.

    We look forward to hearing from you.


    Former students of The Ferrers School tell us what they have been up to since they left.

    Name: Bryan Morrissey

    Year of leaving: 1991

    I was a student at the school from 1984-1991. I have nothing but fond memories of the school, but especially my time spent in Modern Foreign Languages.  I loved German and thought Miss Kenyon and Mr Dean were both excellent teachers.  So much so, that they inspired me to become a teacher myself.  I have been teaching for 19 years now and am Head of Languages at a rural school in Lancashire.

    The students and staff should feel proud to study and work at The Ferrers School.  It set me up with so many opportunities and taught me the values required beyond the school environment.  I often look at the website and cannot believe the school has changed so much, but even stranger to see Miss Dredge (Mrs Dean) is still there!


    Meghan Maclaren

    Year of leaving: 2012

     Meghan has recently been named as the Conference USA Ladies Golfer of the Year.

    Meghan achieved golfing success whilst still a student at The Ferrers School then took up a golfing scholarship at Florida International University after completing her A Levels.

    Meghan has had a career-best year for FIU, earning individual medal honours at the 2015 C-USA Women's Golf Championship.  She produced a record-breaking performance, setting both the 18-hole (65, -7) and 54-hole (206, -10) C-USA Championship records.  Meghan is a four-times C-USA Golfer of the Week and a three-times individual medalist during the 2014-15 season; she finished in the top 10 in nine of her 10 tournaments in the season and will represent FIU at the NCAA St. George Regional championship in May 2015.  In addition to Player of the Year and joint-Most Improved Player of the Year, Meghan was named as a member of First-Team All-Conference USA.

    In the international Ladies Amateur rankings, Meghan is currently placed 26th in the World and 2nd in Great Britain and Ireland.

    Conference USA report here on Meghan’s golfing success:


    Name:    Laura Cramp

    Year of leaving:   2009

     I loved school and was fortunate enough to gain a clutch of good GCSEs after which I continued into the Sixth Form studying Modern Languages.   This enabled me to gain a place at Aston University, Birmingham where I completed a four year degree course in Translation Studies, specialising in French and German.  I spent the third year of my course working in France and Germany to improve my language skills further.

    Since graduating, I have joined a major translation organisation in London both interpreting and translating medical material.  Recently, I was thrilled to gain promotion to Project Manager after only one year.  I have moved into a flat in Canary Wharf and I am really enjoying London life. 
    The Ferrers School gave me the skills and confidence to reach my goals.


    Name:    Jack Cramp
    Year of leaving:   2011

     I left The Ferrers School in 2011 and joined the Army on my basic training at Harrogate and Catterick later that year.  I passed out as Private Cramp in 2012 and joined the Royal Anglian Regiment as an infantryman.   I then undertook further pre-deployment training in 2012 on Salisbury Plain and deployed to Afghanistan in 2013 for a 6 month tour.  My family were pleased to see me return safely with my campaign medals. 

    I have just finished, and passed, further training back on Salisbury Plain – a reconnaissance course - and will start training for promotion to Lance Corporal next January.   I am looking forward to next year when my Regiment will move its base to Cyprus. 

    I had my ups and downs at school but The Ferrers helped find my way and I hope for a really successful career in the Army.


    Name:    Ruth Wood

    Year of leaving:   2011

    Since leaving The Ferrers, I’ve been studying Modern and Medieval Languages (French and German) at the University of Cambridge. I’m now living in Vienna, Austria on my third year abroad.  Since being out here, I’ve studied History for one semester at the university, completed an internship at the Embassy and Permanent Mission of Afghanistan in Vienna and am now in the final month of another internship in the Marketing and PR department of the Kunsthistorisches Museum, one of the world’s largest art galleries.

    I’m going back to Cambridge in September to begin my final year and trial to cox the Cambridge Blue Boat in the Boat Race against Oxford on the Thames.  I’m currently organising a potential six month internship with the consulting firm KPMG in Switzerland after my degree.  After that, I really have very little idea what direction my career will take!  However, thanks to the foundations supplied by my experience at The Ferrers, I’m now in a great place where I don’t need to be scared of that decision.

    An education from The Ferrers puts no limits on what you can achieve.  I’m incredibly grateful to all the wonderful and inspiring teachers I encountered during my time there and urge others to throw themselves into life after school with ambition, energy and self-belief. 

    Ruth is included in a promotional video for the Modern & Medieval Languages department:

    Name: Luke Crump

    Year of leaving: 2011

    Many thanks for the help and support provided throughout my time at The Ferrers.  I'm graduating with a 2:1 in Human Geography & Management and, through the ups and downs in my studies, I've finally made it to the other end.   After a long time in education, I decided to travel some of the world before looking to pursue a career in my degree related discipline. I have always been interested in urban planning, sustainable development and map design or wastes and retail management.  It's all to play for and I'll see where the future takes me.

    I'm currently living in an apartment with my girlfriend in Brisbane, loving life - the Oz culture and lifestyle is insane!    The photo was taken during my time in Thailand earlier in the year.

    It’s teachers like those I had at The Ferrers who allow us to develop our ability and potential to the best levels we can.   Thank you!


    Name: Jason Peace

    Year of leaving: 2010

     I had a great time at The Ferrers School, especially in Sixth Form.  I had no fear about leaving school as the staff made sure that we were well prepared for university.  

    After my A Levels, I gained a place at my first choice university (The University of Portsmouth) on their French Studies course. I settled into university quickly, making friends and getting to know a new city.  In my third year I had the opportunity to study in France with a place at l'Université de Caen Basse-Normandie where I studied linguistics in the French speaking department.  I also had a part-time job working in a French secondary school as an English teaching assistant. This was my most challenging year of university and, having passed, I regard this as one of my greatest achievements. 

    I have now completed my final year and am soon to graduate with a 2:2. My aims for the future are to complete a TEFL course and work abroad teaching English.  And also to learn another language!


    Name: Nicola Kenton

    Year of leaving: 2013

    After 7 years at The Ferrers, I left Sixth Form in 2013 and I am currently studying for a BSc in Geography at the University of Birmingham. 

    During my time at The Ferrers, I was involved in journalism by writing pieces for “Ferrers News”.   In Year 9, I was fortunate enough to be invited to attend a 'sport reporting' course in the Easter holidays and, through this, I became involved in a national sport reporting programme.  This has allowed me to attend many sporting events, local and national, where I interviewed sporting stars, wrote blogs and made video reports.  My role with “Ferrers News” also increased and I began to collate the articles and compile them into the newsletter ready for editing and printing.

    The University of Birmingham has its own newspaper called “Redbrick” and I decided to join the society and write articles for the sport section.  My articles were originally published as online content because university sport has priority in the paper but the last newspaper of this year featured one of my articles on Formula 1.   Follow the link to read one of the articles under my byline:

    For the summer of 2015, I have been accepted for the BBC Kick Off Trainee Sports Reporter scheme.  The scheme offers people from a diverse range of backgrounds the opportunity to learn and develop sports reporting skills at the BBC.  Supported by a mentor and working mainly from BBC Birmingham and BBC Salford, I will have the opportunity to go to sports events to learn how to interview and write sports stories for radio and online.  

    Update: Nicola has been nominated in the Student Writer category for the inaugural "Words by Women" Awards to be presented on 21st March 2016.


    Name: Nichole Davies (pictured right)
    Year of leaving: 2002

    I started at The Ferrers School in 1997 and left in 2002.  I never considered myself academically minded and spent a lot of my GCSE years playing truant!   After leaving school I completed a BTEC National Diploma in Early Years and went on to work in nurseries.  In 2007, I completed a Diploma in Access to Higher Education and went on to study BSc Psychology at Brunel University in 2009.  I graduated with a 2:1 and an award from the British Psychological Society for the best dissertation written in my cohort - something I would never have dreamed achievable at school.

    Since then I have been travelling round Asia, New Zealand, Australia and India.  I’m now gaining valuable work experience as a residential childcare worker in order to become a Child-Educational Psychologist/Play Therapist.   Just to add - I'm still with my "high school crush".  We got together after finishing school and this will be our ninth year together in May.  Hard work does pay off and it's never too late to reach for your goals.


    Name: Peter Bedford
    Year of leaving: 2004

    I started The Ferrers School in 1997 and was there right through until leaving Sixth Form in 2004 to study Law at the University of Leicester.

    Since then, I qualified as a Chartered Accountant with PricewaterhouseCoopers, before leaving to work as a Senior Internal Auditor for an international construction materials business.

    The Ferrers School gave me the foundations for my future educational development and I know that I wouldn't have achieved as much as I have without the support of its tutors particularly those within the School’s Sixth Form.

    *Peter is standing as Conservative party candidate for Bolsover in the May 2015 General Election.


    Name: Nicky Jones
    Year of leaving: 2004

    I started at The Ferrers a school back in 1997 and was a student until 2004 when I attended the Sixth Form.  I left The Ferrers and went into a job working for one of the UK’s biggest Opticians where I have worked my way up from a receptionist through to being one of the stores’ supervisors and multi-skilled team members.

    Almost 10 years later, I have now qualified as a certified Hearing Care professional where I am involved in assessing hearing losses, rehabilitation, counselling and fittings.  
    Working with the hearing impaired isn't a career I ever imagined myself to be in, but giving people the chance to hear again is a very rewarding feeling.


    Brighton Institute of Modern Music Cohort
    Year of leaving: 2010

    Four of our former students sent us a lovely photo taken in the summer of 2013, at their graduation from Brighton Institute of Modern Music, just to say hello and thank you for our input in their education.

    Left: Jim Baldock,
    Right: James Tobin, 
    Second from the right: Ben Todd, 
    Third from the right: Joe Burke-Burrows



    Name: Chris Graham
    Year of leaving: 2010

    I came to The Ferrers School in 2003 as a Year 7 student and continued right through to the end of Sixth Form studying PE, ICT, Media Studies and Psychology.  I was in two minds whether to go to college or find an apprenticeship as I didn’t see university as a good step for me.  Then I was told about a job available at the school as an IT Technician apprentice so I applied straight away, had an interview and got the job!  18 months later, I passed my last exam to become a fully qualified Technician and was offered a full time job at the school.   So really, I’ve never left …

    The school itself has changed a lot in the time I have been here and it is nice to know that I have been a part of developing and restructuring the IT Department within the summer holidays each year (e.g. building and installing computers) and helping students and teachers throughout the year.  I am also now jointly responsible for keeping this new school website up to date.

    As a former student I already knew quite a lot of the school staff.  It felt strange at first to be part of the team, but then I started to realise the amount of effort that goes into what they do and the way in which they do it.  My fond memories of the school as a student are mainly to do with football and PE as that is what I aspired to become but then a love of IT came about and I changed my ways and career.



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