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    At The Ferrers School we encourage students to take pride in their appearance.  Our uniform is smart, distinctive and practical.  The wearing of our school uniform encourages neatness of appearance and personal organisation.  It also reflects the standards and ethos of the school – students express their support and acceptance of these in their wearing of the uniform.  Uniform applies to all students and we are grateful for the support of parents in upholding our uniform policy.

    Where students are inappropriately dressed in any respect (e.g. ties incorrectly worn, shirts out, no blazer), they will be politely and firmly advised to correct their dress.  Persistent misdemeanours of this sort will be dealt with using normal disciplinary procedures.

    Schoolwear International (SWI), provide uniform delivered direct to home via their website (   All items, with the exception of footwear, are available from SWI.   Items not bearing the school logo (eg: shirts, trousers, etc.) may be purchased from High Street suppliers but  all items of uniform purchased from any supplier must match the SWI specification exactly.



    For the avoidance of doubt, parents may refer to the images of acceptable uniform on the SWI website, particularly where older students wish to wear existing items of uniform.   The following guidelines apply for all students. 

    Navy blue with the school badge.  Blazers are compulsory throughout the school year and should be worn at all times including break and lunch times and to and from school.  During lessons, members of staff may allow them to be removed when they should then be placed on the back of the chair.


    Pale blue, button through with a pointed collar.    Shirts must be worn tucked in and fastened at the neck.

    Not acceptable: Coloured t-shirts which can be seen under the shirt.

    Trousers must be black, full length and suit-style for boys and girls.

    Not acceptable: Cropped trousers/long shorts, skin-tight or clinging trousers/leggings, jeans style (defined as made of denim/denim look material and/or have metal studs within the fabric and/or patch pockets on the back)


    Black, pencil style, in a suiting/gabardine type material (similar to trousers) and worn at knee length. 

    Not acceptable: Skin-tight, clinging or stretch materials.   Skirts more than 1 inch above the top of the knee.


    Official school tie from SWI

    Polo shirt (summer term only)

    White, short-sleeved with the school logo.   Must be worn with the school blazer not a jumper.

    Not acceptable: Coloured t-shirts which can be seen under the polo shirt.  White polo shirts not bearing the school logo.

    Jumpers (optional)

    A V-necked, long sleeved, plain black or navy jumper may be worn so that the tie is clearly seen.  Students will need to remove their jumpers if they are warm: they do not take the place of a blazer.

    Not acceptable: Hoodies.  If worn as a coat to and from school, they must be removed by morning Registration.  Hoodies worn throughout the school day will be confiscated.

    Socks and Tights

    Black socks only.  Black or natural-coloured plain tights.  Socks or tights may be worn with skirts: not both.

    Not acceptable: Footless tights, leggings/jeggings.  White or coloured socks.


    Shoes and laces must be black.  Proper school shoes are preferred.  Boots may be worn to and from school for safety reasons in extreme weather but must be changed for shoes within the buildings.  Shoes should be worn to and from school and around the school site unless a sporting activity is being undertaken.

    Not acceptable: Shoes with coloured logos or edging, trainers, sandals, boots (see above) and steel tipped shoes, open-toed shoes.

    Coats and Jackets (optional)

    Outdoor coats should be of a dark colour and may be worn to and from school and at break and lunch times. Coats do not replace blazers: they should be worn over the blazers.

    Not acceptable: Coats worn inside the buildings at any time. They should be left in the bag parks in Tutor rooms or in lockers when they are not needed.

    Hats, Gloves and Scarves

    These may be worn to and from school in cold weather.  All items are to be removed once entering the school premises for morning registration.  Hats, gloves and scarves may be worn during break and lunch times when weather appropriate but not in lessons.  Head scarves may be worn for religious reasons.


    Black with a small, traditional buckle, worn threaded through trouser loops.

    Not acceptable: Coloured or wide belts.   Large or decorative buckles.

    Not acceptable: Denim, or denim look items of clothing, should not be worn to school at any time. This includes denim jackets and denim trousers.


    Hair should be tidy and of reasonable appearance.  Hair colour must be natural-looking.  Hair accessories should be plain, small and unobtrusive in colour and style.

    Not acceptable: Extremes of hair colour (any colour that could not be natural).  Extremes of hair style.  Patterns or logos shaved into the hair.

    For reasons of smart appearance, and to comply with health and safety rules, only a watch, one ring and one pair of stud earrings (one in each ear) are allowed.

    Not acceptable: Any other form of face or body piercing or jewellery.  Excess jewellery will be confiscated and may be collected by arrangement. 

    NOTE: No jewellery at all may be worn during PE.

    Make Up

    Discreet, natural looking, make up only will be allowed at the discretion of the Form Tutor/Progress Leader.

    Not acceptable: Nail varnish or bright lipstick. False nails.  False eyelashes. Excess make up will need to be removed.


    Uniform images

    These images represent uniform items available from our supplier, SWI, and items purchased elsewhere must match this specification exactly. (Note that some items are OPTIONAL.)

















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