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    The Curriculum

    At The Ferrers School, we aim to provide a high quality education that enables all students to experience success.  Our broad curriculum, a wide range of trips and visits and an extensive extracurricular programme means students can develop as well rounded young people.

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    Throughout the curriculum area are comments from our Subject Champions.  These are Sixth Form students who are excellent role models in their subject areas and are responsible for working closely with other students and staff to support teaching and learning.

    From Years 7 to 9, students follow a broad, balanced curriculum giving them substantial time in each subject area. Students are placed into sets by prior attainment in many subjects, including English and Maths, to enable them to progress at a rate appropriate for their ability. Other subjects start with mixed ability groups and then tailor the work to student needs as assessments are completed. During Year 9, preparation for GCSE courses begins, with some courses starting in the second term of Year 9 to enable students to make good progress into Year 10.

    During the two year GCSE courses, we aim to keep open the maximum range of learning opportunities, so the majority of students continue to follow courses in English, Maths, Science and Modern Languages. A range of further choices are then made from within the Humanities, Technology and Expressive Arts subjects. Students also continue to study RE and PE and have access to careers guidance and advice. Opportunities are also provided in a range of vocational courses including catering, motor vehicle and beauty.  Further details about study at KS4 can be found in the KS3 - 4 Transitions Booklet 2017 here.

    We have a very successful partnership with other local schools, as part of the East Northants College (TENC), which allows us to offer a very wide range of subjects in our Sixth Form. Students who stay with us at The Ferrers School benefit from working with teachers who know them well and can offer appropriate information and guidance. We have a very strong record of students moving into universities including increasing numbers into Russell Group universities and to Oxbridge.  Further information about study in Years 12 and 13 can be found in the TENC Prospectus here.


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