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    Special Educational Needs

    Inclusion Manager: Miss K Murphy

    The Special Educational Needs team at The Ferrers School provides assistance and support to students with a range of special educational needs. Students are quickly identified and extra support is made available.

    The SEN area is housed in a new, specially designed suite which students enjoy using. The school site is on one level and is open and accessible to all students and their parents/carers.

    We aim to ensure that all students at The Ferrers have access to the support and care needed throughout their education to enable them to achieve their full potential.

    Click here to view our School SEN(D) Report and Policy.

    Click here to view our Accessibility Plan.

    "It is clear as you walk round the school that pupils feel well known, respected and well supported".  Basic Skills Quality Mark assessment, March 2017


    "An experienced team of capable teaching assistants are expertly led by the SENCO of offer interventions, coaching and mentoring."  Basic Skills Quality Mark assessment, June 2014

    • Individual programmes of work to meet a variety of needs may be developed for the student and delivered in a 1:1 or small group situation.
    • Small group and 1-1 support for those students who have reading and spelling difficulties.
    • Support for students who have difficulty with organisational skills to encourage them to take responsibility for their learning.
    • In-class support to help students access the curriculum alongside their peers. Support staff work closely with teaching staff to ensure that student progress is maximised in all learning environments.
    • The Hearing Impaired Team work with students who have hearing difficulties to ensure they are able to access the curriculum alongside their peers.
    • Social skills programmes are available for those students who find interacting with others difficult.  This may be particularly relevant for those who have an ASD diagnosis.
    • A lunch time activity club for those who find unstructured times difficult.
    • The school is able to access additional support from the Education Entitlement Service.

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     Autism Concern Open Day, 9th January 2018.  Click here for further information.

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