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    Curriculum Leader: Mr M Ellis

    “If I have seen further it is by standing on the shoulders of giants.”
    Sir Isaac Newton

    In Science, we hope to inspire students to think about our everyday world and realise that what we know does not come about by luck.  We would like our students to recognise that all ideas need evidence, and that all great scientists have looked at what others have thought, built on their ideas and, if necessary, changed the theory because of new evidence.

    We do not expect that every student will want to be a scientist but we would like to give every student the ability to approach any problem in a scientific way and analyse anything they are told with a scientific mind.

    Su bject Champion 2013-2015: Rebekah Pack

    "Being a subject champion for Science is a huge honour.  I'm studying all three sciences which is great; it's lots of hard work but very interesting and you cover a large range of topics."

    Curriculum Map

    Detailed information about the curriculum is available here.


    In Key Stage 3, students look at all areas of Science to ensure that they have an all-round experience of the subject.  Students are encouraged to develop the skills to become a good scientist or, at least, be able to apply a scientific approach to any problem.

    In Year 7, students are first introduced to typical science equipment to make them confident in its use.  A whole range of topics are taught covering the three traditional areas of Science: Biology, Chemistry and Physics.  This approach continues into Year 8 and, by Year 9, students are reaching a level where they are ready to tackle GCSE Science.  Students will start their GSCE course by March of Year 9.






     In Key Stage 4, students have a guided choice on which course to study in Science.   Students who particularly enjoy Science may choose to study the three separate sciences, Biology, Chemistry and Physics.  Other students will start the new Double Award Science GCSE which will be worth two GCSEs and covers all aspects of the Science curriculum.


    There is a wide choice of courses in Science to study in the Sixth Form.

     Students who achieve high grades at GCSE can choose to study any of the three traditional Science A Levels.  

    TENC also offers a Level 3 BTEC course in Forensic Science to any student who has done well at GCSE and wishes to persue a more vocational route.



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