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    Physical Education

    Curriculum Leader: Mr P Smith


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     2015-16 Subject Champion: Taylor Staines

    "Physical Education (PE) is a subject that allows you to take part in, and learn about, physical activities.  It encourages you to work as an individual and as a team player to achieve your academic goals.  It is always enjoyable and the PE team is really supportive the entire time."

    The Ferrers School Physical Education Department is committed to planning and delivering a broad and balanced curriculum which encompasses the 10 High Quality Outcomes as outlined in the QCA documentation.  Annually, the department reviews the teaching and learning that has taken place to ensure any necessary/enforced changes are implemented for the new academic year with respect to:

    • amending the curriculum to promote learning suitable for students of all abilities
    • making sure all students are included
    • allocating the time for PE effectively
    • allocating equipment and space fairly and effectively
    • deploying, supporting and developing staff effectively by sharing expertise
    • rewarding and celebrating students’ achievements through up-to-date More Able monitoring and sports awards nominations
    • monitoring and evaluating students’ progress and the quality of the outcomes they achieve at all stages of the curriculum..

    Through our expansive and varied curriculum we aim to ensure:

    • Students are committed to PE and sport and make them a central part of their lives – both in and out of school.
    • Students know and understand what they are trying to achieve and how to go about doing it.
    • Students understand that PE and sport are an important part of a healthy, active lifestyle.
    • Students have the confidence to get involved in PE and sport.
    • Students have the skills and control that they need to take part in PE and sport.
    • Students willingly take part in a range of competitive, creative and challenge-type activities, both as individuals and as part of a team or group.
    • Students think about what they are doing and make appropriate decisions for themselves.
    • Students show a desire to improve and achieve in relation to their own abilities. Students have the stamina, suppleness and strength to keep going.
    • Students enjoy PE, school and community sport.

    Curriculum maps can be found below.

    Curriculum map - invasion games

    Curriculum map - maximising performance

    Curriculum map - movement and replication

    Curriculum map - net games

    Curriculum map - striking and fielding

    The installation of our FIFA quality 3G pitch has greatly enhanced the facilities available.

    We have created a Gallery which can be viewed here to give you a glimpse of the sports played at The Ferrers School in the recent past.

    Years 7 and 8

    In Years 7 and 8, students receive three 50 minute periods per week (2½ hours/week).   All students are currently taught in single gender groups.  Year 7 students are taught in mixed ability groups: Year 8 students are taught by ability.  The three lessons allocated to each group of students are delivered as:

    • Gymnastics/Body Management
    • Outdoor Invasion Games
    • Indoor Invasion Games/Exercise and Training/Net Games

    During the autumn term Year 7 will participate in a double lesson of swimming.

    During the summer term the three lessons allocated to each group of students are:

    • Athletics
    • Outdoor Striking & Fielding Games
    • Net/Wall Games

    All students have the opportunity to study Dance within the Expressive Arts curriculum.

    Year 9

    In Year 9, students receive two 50 minute periods per week (1 hour 40 minutes/week) in single gender, ability groups.  The lessons are delivered as:

    • Gymnastics/Body Management
    • Outdoor Invasion Games
    • Indoor Invasion Games/Exercise and Training/Net Games

    During the summer term the three lessons allocated to each group of students are:

    • Athletics
    • Outdoor Striking & Fielding Games
    • Net/Wall Games

    Students continue to have the opportunity to study Dance within the Expressive Arts curriculum.

    Core PE

    All students continue to study PE during Years 10 and 11 with two 50 minute periods a week.  This includes:

    • Gymnastics/Body Management
    • Games
    • Athletics

    GCSE PE/BTEC Sport Level 2

    Students have the opportunity to study GCSE PE or the BTEC Sport Level 2 certificate (Dance is offered through the Expressive Arts curriculum).  GCSE/BTEC students study three 50 minute periods per week in addition to their core PE allocation (usually 1 double practical and 1 single theory.

    Compulsory modules are completed in Year 10.  In Year 11, students have the opportunity to opt for activities that they wish to continue after Key Stage 4, such as aerobics, dodgeball, cycling and fitness (both off site)

    In Years 12 and 13 students receive two 50 minute lessons per week as part of the enrichment programme.

    A Level PE and BTEC Sport Level 2 and Level 3 are offered within the Sixth Form curriculum.

    Extra Curricular Provision

    Students are given the opportunity to further their experience and enjoyment and to practise for school teams and inter-form competitions through clubs, inter-form competitions, team practices and inter-school matches.

    Clubs & Practices

    Clubs and practices and inter-school sport/fixtures take place after school.  Where time is available, some clubs and practices are also run during lunch time.

    Inter-Form Competition

    A range of inter-form competitions are provided by the department to further the cause of sport for all.  The school supports this by providing trophies and other prizes.  During this academic year, the department plans to provide inter-form competition for the following sporting activities, the majority of which were provided through all age ranges:

    Basketball, Netball, Football, Cross Country, Hockey, Rugby, Cricket, Tennis, Rounders and Athletics.


    The school organises many teams for various sports and enter these teams in a variety of District (East Northants) and County (Northants Schools) leagues and tournaments.

    Inter-School Competition

    During the winter months, football is by far the dominant sport for boys in our area and hence the majority of inter-school fixtures for boys are football matches.  Girls’ football is a growth sport with tournaments and fixtures currently organised and on the increase over the last two years.  

    Rugby is played by very few schools at representative level and hence our rugby teams have few teams to play against locally.  We attempt to supplement our Rugby programme by playing friendly fixtures and enter the District Central Venue (CV), 7-a-side and 10-a-side tournaments. Basketball is a sport that we have developed greatly over recent years, with teams entering the District tournaments and playing in the District CV leagues.

    Hockey is not universally played at representative level and hence netball is by far the predominant sport for girls during the winter months.

    During the summer months, Athletics is the major sport of the local district and many fixtures are organised.   Sports Day in July is a popular event with students and the school maintains athletics records going back over many years.

    Cricket and rounders matches are arranged on a friendly basis with some boys cricket teams entered in County cup fixtures. 

    Tennis is a regular summer sport, with our teams entering County and friendly competitions.

    Girls Active supports schools to understand what motivates adolescent girls to take part in physical activity and enable them to work with other female students – through consultation and leadership to start to make changes to PE and sport provision. Currently we are only one of 3 schools in Northamptonshire to be involved in this exciting programme.

    All key stage 3 girls had an assembly where the programme was launched and following this we opened up nominations where students could put themselves forward or nominate someone who thought they would be a good ambassador for the project. Since the nominations were collated, the team have been set a target to analyse some data that shows views and opinions of PE and sport from over 150 girls at our school.  From the results, we will start action planning to see where we can make changes which will help promote and encourage more girls to be physically active.

    If you would like any more information regarding the programme then please contact Miss York.

    You can find a guide with further information here.



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