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    More Able Students

    Responsible for More Able: Mrs N Raynsford

    The Ferrers School is dedicated to meeting the needs of all students within the school and nurturing their talents and abilities.  Each curriculum area has its own policy which outlines how they identify those students who are More Able. These policies are used to assist teachers in creating a central list which all staff have access to in order to see where a student’s talents lie and to try and bring this into other curriculum areas. 

    Common characteristics that curriculum areas look out for in More Able students are whether the student regularly achieves above their target level; if the student hands in all homework on time and to a high/exceptional standard; whether the student displays a passion for the subject; can the student work hard without regular support and encouragement i.e. independently? And finally, does the student possess and use a range of specialist technical vocabulary?

    We believe that the key to students succeeding is through effective communication between everyone involved in the education of each student.  We are always keen to know about any extra-curricular activities our students are involved in as these need to be celebrated to show the true diversity of our students’ talents.


    • Classroom groupings which allow More Able students to work together.
    • Regular monitoring of students so that under achievers can be identified and strategies put in place to support these students.
    • Differentiated learning outcomes which help students to focus on the achievement of higher levels and grades.
    • Extra-curricular activities and opportunities that cater for students' passions and interests.

    At a whole school level we offer:

    • Information from national institutes, local universities and Russell Group Universities who provide opportunities for More Able students.
    • Developing links with local primary schools to offer higher level classes to aid the transition to secondary school.
    • We work with The Brilliant Club to introduce students to university - this programme gives students the chance to work with a PhD student and produce a project that is marked using university standards.  Click here for further information.

    Pastoral support is also provided to ensure:

    • Integration – is the student integrated into their peer group?  Do they need any support in the relationships they are forming?
    • Well-being – is the student suffering from stress caused by the expectations placed upon them by parents, teachers, peers or themselves?
    • Motivation – are there signs of the student losing motivation and coasting?

    Useful websites

    Warwick University -

    IGGY is a safe, global educational social network for gifted and talented young people aged 13 to 18, created by the University of Warwick.

    The Brilliant Club -

     Subscribe to the termly Parents’ and Carers’ newsletter.  It is the ultimate university guide for all age groups form year 5 to year 13.



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