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    Modern Foreign Languages

    Curriculum Leader: Miss R Jones


    Students who are already at The Ferrers School study French, German and/or Spanish. Our MFL curriculum is currently under review. New students to the school will study either French or German and it is likely that Spanish will be offered as an extra-curricular option, in addition to the language that students are allocated upon arrival at the school. 

    Why learn another language?

    • 90% of the world's population live in a country where English is not the native language: 60% of British trade is with non-English speaking countries.  
    • Language learning is a vital requirement in a global society and will considerably improve career prospects, as recognised by leading higher education institutions.

      “University College London has decided that a GCSE in a modern foreign language will be compulsory for admission to all its courses from 2012.” 
      The Guardian

     Subject Champion  2013-2015 - Jack Nason, Head Boy

    "People say German (and all Modern Foreign Languages) open up so many opportunities in life, they look great on a CV and they even stop us looking ignorant abroad.  Really, they are just fun!"


    Within the Modern Languages department, German, French and Spanish are taught at The Ferrers.    We strongly believe that students of all abilities should be given the opportunity to learn a foreign language, and that skills learnt and practised in languages lessons have an impact on daily life for everyone.

    Each year, the department is supported by two foreign language assistants who enable students to benefit from additional speaking practice, particularly at Sixth Form level.

    To further their study, students can access language materials on the following websites:


    Curriculum map

    Comprehensive information about the curriculum is available below.




    Having studied German, French or Spanish throughout Years 7 and 8 we aim to develop students' literacy skills by helping them to understand why they should say or write something in a particular way as well as enabling them to access a greater variety of texts in the foreign language.

    Students study modules including Introducing Oneself, School, Family and Friends, Free time, Home Life and Local Area.  For each topic, students practise their listening, reading, speaking and writing skills and are formally assessed each term.

    From Year 9, our more able and/or gifted linguists study a second language to enhance their linguistic knowledge.

    Students are allocated to one of three Routes in Year 10 according to ability:

    Route 1: GCSE in a modern language is compulsory, with the option to study a second language

    Route 2: GCSE in a modern language is optional, with the possibility of choosing to study two languages

    Route 3: GCSE in a modern language is optional

    Throughout Years 10 and 11 students study the themes of identity and cluture, local area, holiday and travel, school, future aspirations, study and work and international and global dimensions.   Students complete exams in listening, speaking, reading and writing at the end of Year 11.  There is also a translation element to one of the writing papers.


    Students are  able to continue their study of French and German at Sixth Form.  In order to facilitate the transition from Year 11 to A Level, students are strongly encouraged to attend master classes which are offered in Year 11

     At A Level, assessment is by both written and oral examination. The written exam includes listening, reading, writing and translation elements, and requires students to be prepared to participate fully in their chosen language.  Students must also carry out an independent research project and attend weekly lessons with the Language Assistant.

    The course runs over two years and the syllabus covers themes relevant to the language being studied and the associated culture and communities.

    Additionally, students will study a literature text and analyse a film in depth and they will be required to discuss these in their final examinations.

    Additional details are available via the Edexcel website:

    In Year 9, German students visit the German Christmas Market in Birmingham.  

    Key Stage 4 Berlin trip (with the History department)   A Gallery from the most recent visit is here.



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