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    Learning for Life

    Curriculum Leader: Miss C Leech

    Learning for Life covers all the aspects of holistic education which contribute to the overall wellbeing and success of our students. Learning for Life helps students in raising their self-respect, self-awareness, and encourages them to become engaged members of their communities - both in and out of school - and to be accountable for their actions. The areas of study included are timed to complement students’ academic progress and personal development.

    Each week, a "Thought for the Week" is published which is often used to lead assembly, give an opportunity for students to reflect and inform the Period 7 curriculum.

    In Key Stage 3, students follow units of work which help develop social and personal skills such as enjoying a healthy lifestyle; the negative impact of drugs and smoking; money and financial awareness; protecting the environment and respecting animals; personal safety (including gangs, knife crime and e-safety); prejudice and discrimination; Bullying, Changing Family Networks and Human Rights. There is also the opportunity to discuss Sexual Health & Relationships,

    In Year 9, our students’ choice of GCSE option subjects is supported by work to help them start to think about possible career choices and a Preparation for Working Life qualification.

    In Key Stage 4, the curriculum helps prepare the students for their transition into adulthood. Work completed in Years 7-9 is developed through projects on sexuality, alcohol, drugs and stress management. Sessions on revision strategies and mock exams are designed to help students prepare for their final GCSEs exams.

    To help students develop skills for life after school, we focus on money management sessions; world of work and other post-16 opportunities; interview preparation and coping with rejection,

    • Drop in
    • Health Day
    • Enterprise Day
    • Human Utopia

    Wherever possible, the curriculum is supplemented by work with outside agencies such as the Police, Cancer Research UK, Solve It, School Nurses, and other relevant agencies. Work is also completed through the School Council and other projects within the community.

    In 2014-15 two major projects took place - our Britishness study and, in parallell with the General Election, our own election.  

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