The Ferrers School Aspire, Achieve, Acclaim

    Head Girl

     Madeline Chambers

    As the end of Year 6 approached, I remember the anxiety that accompanied it.  The thought of starting a brand new school, with so many people that I did not yet know, terrified me.  But the reality of this transition wasn’t half as scary as I imagined.  The Ferrers School made beginning secondary school a fun and positive experience.

    The opportunities that are available here at The Ferrers School are so widespread, from roles in school plays to Subject Champion representatives.   I took advantage of the amazing Dance facilities, including a fully equipped Dance studio and the school’s Dance company “Enigma”, which helped increase my confidence and performance skills whilst making new friendships.  No matter what your interests are, there is always something you can become involved with.

    One thing The Ferrers School is especially good at is celebrating achievement.  Every year we have a Celebration of Achievement evening which is dedicated to acclaiming the successes of students, with awards for excellence in all subjects, outstanding achievement and outstanding progress.  The importance placed on praising progress and success not only develops students’ confidence but encourages them to work towards excellence.

    Being appointed Head Girl is such an honour as it was always a dream of mine.  I am very excited to see what this year brings and to work with Taylor, the Head Boy and a good friend, and Mr. Giles on future projects.  I hope to give back to the school as a “thank you” for all it has done for me.

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