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    Head Girl

     Alessandra James

    I have always felt that my experience at The Ferrers over the last couple of years has made me who I am today. If I was asked when I first started if I could ever even imagine myself becoming head girl the answer would have been a definite no – in fact I still find it hard to comprehend. Now I have been granted such a prestigious position, I wish to give back to the school what it has given to me over the years, hoping to improve the school life.

    I am currently studying Chemistry, Geography, Maths and Further Maths at A -Level, whilst also working part-time Last year I took my A-level maths and am now very much looking forward to learning the further maths aspects if the course. I am particularly enjoying Chemistry, especially the level of depth with which we study the subject, and wish to take my studies to university degree level. I am currently in the UCAS process, with the hope of going to Bath University, to then pursue a career as a research chemist. I also participate in community leadership, where I am helping out with a GCSE Chemistry class. The majority of my lessons are based at The Ferrers, and the school has made my experience of sixth form something I will remember forever.

    I hope to leave the school having made a positive change on the school, and have hopefully fulfilled my duties of head girl the best I can. This will allow me to continue my life, including university and any future careers, with a set of skills that only a few others will possess.



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