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    Eleanor has also just finished Year 7

     When I was in Year 6, I was worried about secondary school.  I was nervous of the students, the teachers, walking alone and my classes.  I had only just moved into Higham Ferrers, so nobody knew me until Transition Day.  But on Transition Day, I met a few others – and we are still friends.

    My actual Year 7 experience had its highs and lows, like any given year, but over all, it was 150% better than I expected.  I especially enjoyed Expressive Arts and I was so pleased to have a role as Narrator in “Beauty and the Beast”.

    Now I’m in Year 8 and everything’s fine, as I’m used to the ways of the school.  I found out that, even if the work is difficult, it is alright to ask for help if you are stuck.

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